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For people of a certain age, a "made in China" sticker on a product conjures up certain connotations. They think of poorly made imitation toys and underpaid labor. This is an image that is completely in reverse of the fastest growing economy in the world.

Quality items that are made in China are everywhere in the western world: from the Dell computer to the Black and Decker drill. It may surprise many people to know that China is the second biggest producer of clean technologies as well. Photovoltaics and wind turbines made in China are being exported and used domestically. Many people argue that this is only because of the huge amount of capital that can be made in the production of photovoltaics and that China is simultaneously outputting the most pollution.

The increased production of renewable energy systems should be viewed as a positive step, no matter what the motivation of the Chinese.

Many people suffer from the effects of outsourcing to Chinese factories and businesses. There are some that claim the increasing amount of products made in China are slowly eroding away at the American economy and diminishing the opportunities for the working class. But this blame cannot rest solely on the shoulders of China. America is no longer the haven for invention or start-up businesses. The ratio of failure is alarming and global retail stores should also be held accountable.