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The China wholesale market has become a vital resource for emerging and established businesses. Buying from the Chinese market will involve business practices that are far removed from those that you may be used to.

Business in China is based on long-term relationships. If your goals with China wholesale are short-term then you may not benefit from taking your business overseas. It is a common misconception among the west that China needs our business. This may have been the case in the last decade, but now, China is the fastest growing economy in the world, second in wealth only to the U.S. and these roles are predicted to reverse by 2020.

To successfully do business with China, you will need to establish a relationship of trust, mutual respect as well as friendship. The Chinese see no differentiation between their personal and professional lives, so business can be discussed at any time.

If you are unfamiliar with the business etiquette and ethics of China, it will be advantageous to hire the services of someone that does, either in an advisory capacity or to transact the business for you. Following the etiquette will avoid the risk of offending your business associates and ensure that your relationship is off to a positive and professional start.